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Come on, grab ’em,
just me and you,
in everything I do.
You my best friend.
Come on, let’s save the world.
Pokémon! ”

Aaaah Pokémon … Do you know Pokémon from the beginning? Great that you are back with Pokémon GO to inspire both young and old. Do you also discover the whole world of little monsters together with your children? Our Féeries are still in love with Pummeluff. Pokémon was the game for the Game Boy Color and now it’s back on our smartphones. Maybe you were also a Great Pokémon Trainer? After all, there are already 17 years in which everyone knows what is meant when talking about Pikachu and Pokémon.

Well, do you already have a picture in mind when we talk about Cake Pops Pokémon ?

Discover our guide to Pikachu and Pokeballs best with your kids, who are already crazy about the Pokémon and have a great knowledge of it …. Pika Pikachuuuuuuuuu!

Cake Pops Pokémon & Pikachu

Ingredients Cake Pops

  • Cold cake dough, like from the day before
  • an “adhesive” such as: cream cheese, butter cream, creme fraiche …

Materials & Tools

  • Candy Melts: Red, White, Yellow, Black
  • Cake pops stems
  • Piping bag & very small hole grommet
  • Fondant White & Black

Crumble your cake dough into a small bowl. (For the sake of simplicity, we decided today on a simple sponge cake from the day before, adding your “binding agent, such as cream cheese or even Nutella, but beware! Add just enough to make the dough sticky enough and small balls Once you have formed the dough into balls, let it cook for about 10 minutes in the refrigerator.

During this time you can prepare and melt the White Candy Melts to be ready to attack your Pokéballs ….

The Pokéballs

Once the candy melts have melted, dip one end of your Cake Pops stalk into the mass and squeeze into your cake pops. Let the “cakeed” cake pops cool again for 5 minutes in the refrigerator and harden.

Get your cake pops out of the fridge and immerse them completely in the melted candy melts. (But beware, do not lose whole Pokéballs in the Candy Melts). Tap the cake pops lightly against your other hand to drain excess glaze.

Bake or dry the cake pops on a cake pops stand or in a pie dummy.

While their glazed Pokeballs cool down, you can melt the Red Candy Melts and dip your Cake Pops with the upper part into the mass until they are more like the real Pokéballs. Let it cool again in the stand.

Prepare your white and black fondant by kneading it soft and supple.

Roll out a little black fondant and cut thin strips with a scalpel, cutter or tape cutter. Add some sugar glue or water to the bottom of the red Candy Melts layer and attach the black fondant ribbon around the equator of your Pokéballs.

Using a small circle cutter or a round spout, prick up a black and a slightly smaller white circle of fondant or flower paste.

Put some water or sugar glue on the middle of the black band again and first fix the black circle in the center of your Pokéball. Glue on the black circle then the white circle of fondant.

Et Voilà, you have already created your first Pokéball!

Ready for the next step? Ready for Pikachu?


Cover your cake pops with the same principle as with a layer of yellow candy melts.

Let the cake pops dry as usual and fix the glaze. In the meantime, you can devote yourself to Pikachu’s cute ears.

For Pikachu’s ears you need a piece of baking or wax paper and a piping bag.

Put a piping bag adapter into your piping bag and use it to attach your small perforated nozzle to the piping bag. Fill your piping bag with the yellow candy melts. Using the piping bag, spray ears of Pikachu in the form of an almond on the baking paper. You can also use a pencil to sketch ears on the baking paper and then fill in with the candy melts. Be careful not to let your ears get too thin. Let the ears cool for about 5 minutes in the fridge.

Once the ears have cooled off, you can provide part of the ears with the typical black corner for Pikachu. This works best with either a second piping bag or a spoon. You can also carefully remove the ears from the baking paper and dip into the black candy melts. Melt the black candy melts or some dark chocolate.

Do not the ears look like Pikachu’s? If you still do not like the shape you can use the warmth of your fingers to shape it as well. Let it cool down again for about 5 minutes. (Well, we have a manual with so much waiting, which you can bridge with Pokémon GO;))

Stick the ears to your cake pops with a little yellow candy melt after cooling down.

Almost done…! In the lazy step, a steady hand and your creativity is required to give Pikachu his cute face. Draw a face similar to the one shown below onto your cake pops with a thin brush and the respective candy melt.

For a perfect result, you should make sure that your Candy Melt is beautifully liquid.

Perfect! You’ve already made cute Pokémon and Pokéballs for the whole family. Almost too good to eat, right? But well, you decide what happens to your Pokémon. After all, you are the coach …!

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