Chocolate cake: A new breakfast formula to lose weight

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The secret to losing weight and keeping the line is to adopt a correct eating behavior. The main thing is to consume balanced food, without excessive, and especially to monitor the food when you are under strong emotions. Indeed, many people, especially women, find refuge in food to comfort themselves when they are depressed or anxious. According to researchers in Tel Aviv, eating chocolate cake at breakfast is an effective way to lose weight .

Delicacies at breakfast: To lose weight without suffering from research

Researchers at a university in Tel Aviv established different nutrition programs for two groups of obese people for an eight-month period. A group of nearly 90 people followed a carbohydrate-free diet, with a “light” breakfast of up to about 300 kilocalories. The other group of more than 90 people also had twice as many calories for breakfast, including chocolate treats and delicacies. A four-month diagnosis indicates that all individuals in both groups lost about 15 kg, and that the first group recovered, but those in the second group maintained the weight loss. of 7 kg. In total, obese people who consumed delicacies and treats, including chocolate cake at breakfast, easily lost weight.

Delicacies chocolate delights: To remove the cravings for snack during the day

Given this experience, researchers have deduced that the consumption of chocolate cake at breakfast is very important. In general, in the morning, the body needs sugar that turns into energy to cope with a day. When the participants in the second group have enjoyed delights and treats for breakfast, they do not feel the urge to consume sugar throughout the day. Thanks to the chocolate cake, the sugar intake is sufficient, moreover, the action of the body avoids the accumulation of fat levels in the blood. This allows these people on a diet to lose weight without getting tired. Researchers are also proving that chocolate delicacies and delicacies contribute greatly to the fight against depression or stress, which are the main sources of food need.

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