Galactic coconut chocolate

Small presents get the friendship it means. Small self-made, sweet gifts, certainly, we think even more. That’s why today we have a quick but stunning idea for a little attention. A colorful galactic chocolate with a delicious coconut filling. Made fast, but long enjoyment and a lot of joy when giving away.

Ingredients for a bar of coconut-chocolate:

  • Dark chocolate or candy melts
  • Colored candy melts at will, z.Bsp. Turquoise, yellow, pink, white.
  • 3 to 4 Raffaello
  • some coconut oil to liquefy the candy melts

Melt the colored candy melts. If the candy melts are not liquid enough, add some coconut oil and stir. As soon as everyone has melted, you’ll get creative and sprinkle them colorfully and crazy into a matching chocolate mold. Once you have the pattern, let it all cool down a bit and melt your dark chocolate. Put a thin layer of dark chocolate in your mold. Enough that all the colorful speckles are covered. Let the chocolate in the form again become firm. Mash the raffaello in a small bowl and put it in the middle of your chocolate bar. Seal everything with a final layer of dark chocolate and smooth the surface. Still a few hours cold and ready is your homemade chocolate bar.

Happy giving or enjoy yourself.

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