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What is the watermelon but a beautiful fruit! This vibrant red, the deep green and the black kernels that adorn the watermelon! It is just a delicious and refreshing delicacy. To create the summer mood for the last time this year, we dressed up a Red Velvet cake as a watermelon cake.

You do not feel like standing at the stove again for 3 hours? Then this is the perfect recipe for you! The ready-made mixture “Red Velvet Cake” by Funcakes is used here and gives the cake a beautiful velvety red color. But not only that! With the ready-mix, the cake is beautifully fluffy and slightly chocolaty. There is also a fine Enchanted Cream by Funcakes , in which even at the hottest temperatures, the hairstyle always sits! Well, convinced? This watermelon cake with Red Velvet filling is really easy to create. There will be more time for the decoration in the end.

Recipe of the watermelon cake:

For a cake with 15 cm diameter and 15 cm height.

The Red Velvet:

Prepare the Red Velvet cake by following the instructions for 400g on the ready mix . Bake the mixture in 2 round baking dishes 15 x 7,5 cm.

When the cakes are well baked, blend them together so they will later have a smooth surface.

The whipped cream


  • Mixture for Enchanted Cream

  • Green and red food color gel

  • vanilla extract

Prepare the Enchanted by following the instructions for 200g of the ready mix . Flavor the cream with vanilla extract as soon as it is stiff.

Now divide the cream on 3 bowls: Half of the cream turns red. Divide the other half by 2 again: one part of it will stay white, the other one will turn green.

The decoration:

  • 3 piping bags

  • 1 straight spatula

  • 1 angle palette

  • 1 revolving cake plate

  • 1 scalpel

  • 1 Cookie Cutter «Rose 3D»

  • Black fondant

First, place your cake on the rotating cake plate . This will be a great help if you brush the cake with cream and then smooth it out. Put the first piece of cake on the plate and sprinkle it with some white whipped cream. Then put the second baked cake piece on top. Then paint the whole cake with the red cream. Then smooth with a straight spatula.

Fill 3 piping bags with the 3 colors of the cream. Cut off the end of the piping bag so that you get an opening of about 2 cm.

Start with the green cream. Draw a strip around the cake once, then a second over it.

Now take the piping bag with the white cream and repeat the process, but only draw a strip here.

Do the same with the red cream and do not forget the surface of the watermelon cake.

Carefully and slowly smooth the cream with a straight spatula . Keep the spatula vertical to the cake. Turn the cake plate while keeping the spatula straight. If you like the result and the cream is nice and smooth, you can take the spatula off the cake. If you remove the spatula before the end, remember to clean the blade before you start again. Smooth the surface of the watermelon pie with an angle palette .

Make a rose out of the black fondant with the «Rose» cookie cutter . With the single leaves you can emulate the seeds on the watermelon and thus round off the watermelon cake.



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